Our offer of services

Our offer of services is composed of three items:

  • Information System Infrastructure Management consultancy;
  • Information System Security Management consultancy;
  • Information System Architecture consultancy and services.

Part of our role is to help the IT Management to define a clear strategy and the good tactics so the Managers can improve their Information System day after day. Start-ups at an early stage need to build their own Information System so they need someone who knows how to manage it, while a bigger company may take advantage of the neutral, external point of view of a skilled IT Infrastructure consultant.

We also have a strong interest in IT Security and Risk Management : we can serve as external CSO or DPO for start-ups and small businesses, and we can assist the IT Management in setting security practices and measures in place so their daily work can be safer and safer.

We of course have strong experience in designing and building Information System, so we are able not only to talk to C-level people so they make the good choices, but we also can do the actual building work.

Our technological references are freely available on our web site.

Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at contact+website /at\ mdisc.fr for more information.